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New Spirit Martial Arts

Formed in 1997 by Sensei Ged Ramsdale, a fifth degree black belt.
An independent organisation we teach Martial Arts in a less formal style, making it more accessible to all types and ages.

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The main aim of New Spirit is to offer all of its students the best quality training that we can provide.  We can offer a comprehensive insurance cover, regular grading opportunities, we don't dismiss grades already obtained elsewhere, we  assess the student to see their capabilities and continue from there.

Our instructors work very hard to keep high standards, all of our instructors spend time to give each and every student as much of his or her attention as possible during lessons.

We promise that if you train  with us we can help anyone who wants to learn Ju Jitsu fulfil their ambitions of becoming a black belt. 

New Spirit promises that all its Instructors are properly trained and have spent many years learning their skills. 

In some clubs it has been known for less honest instructors to promote themselves higher grades without obtaining the necessary skill to teach at that subject level they promote. Our opinion is that this can only produce poor quality training with no depth or real content.

New Spirit do not try to say that we know everything there is to know about the subject we teach, but we are always eager to learn more. So if you think you have anything that could contribute to help us build good strong roots, and blossom into an even better school we would love to hear from you.

Ged Ramsdale Chief instructor.



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