"Although I do not profess by any means to be an expert, or a master of traditional Ju Jitsu weapons I have gathered a basic and practical knowledge and I am continually working to improve my own and my students skills." 

"I felt it was time to hold our first seminar since forming New Spirit School of Ju Jitsu" .

 G .Ramsdale Chief instructor

The Course was Well attended and with the aid of New Spirits Second in command Sensei Nigel Goodwin 1st Dan. 

The Weapons category ranged from yawarabo through to Sai, Bokkan Nunchacku Tonfa Jo staff  Kammas and Tanto.

A very successful seminar took place.



Here we see the group during the seminar.

 Andrew Rose on the right and Luke Parker on the left demonstrating Nunchaku Kata

Here is Paul Beckett getting familiar with a Jo staff technique the poor sole on the ground is Anthony Beckett his Nephew.

This is a Photograph of Chief instructor Ged Ramsdale demonstrating a short stick technique

 Ben the one doing the technique may regret it. When Gordon His Dad  gets up.


Kim and Jo Fletcher involved in Bokken Sparring.

Using a large Bokken with small hands can be a task as we see here when Melissa Goodwin uses one for the first time.


Sensei David Fulwood demonstrates part of one of our Tonfa Katas.

Melissa Asking Sensei Daniel Beckett for his attention.


Dan Gets his own Back

 Here We See Rebecca Dart playing Snooker on Brother Matthews Chin.

Here You see James Rosie one of the Ken Jutsu Class wishing he had not asked to see the Yawarabo in action.

Here You see chief instructor Ged Ramsdale leading part of the class in a Bokken Kata.

Group Photograph  taken at the end of the seminar.



Ooops! I think Sensei Mark Fulwood Went a bit far With this one. The one with the head missing is Sensei Andrew Ramsdale


This one is of Sensei Ramsdale Demonstrating one of the Sai Katas.


Here Dave Gee and Jon Parsons Show a Bokken Disarm


Here We See a Basic block and counter


This is demonstrated By Sensei Andrew Ramsdale on the left and Sensei Mark Fulwood on the right.


Here we see the block and counter in action




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